“Team Breakaway is like going to a buffet – choose what you want and how much you want weekly. The camaraderie makes it enjoyable and brings out your best”.  -Steve S.

From 2009 to 2013 I was an often injured not so fit runner. Cross training, specifically bike riding was recommended to my by a triathlete friend. This friend also spoke highly of Breakaway and Coach Sharon Johnson. I went to Sharon for strength training and decided to also start computraining. Once I committed myself to this integrated approach, my fitness has increased significantly. The combination of excellent coaching, primarily from Sharon but also from other Breakaway coaches and continual support from other Breakaway athletes has transformed my athletic ability. I trusted the training and went from too injured to run in late 2013 to having the most challenging but rewarding race of my life at Ironman MD in October 2015.

The coaching techniques and programs at Breakaway produce results. There is a constant focus on keeping cycling, strength and other workouts fresh and challenging, which I find unique. I highly recommend Breakaway for their quality coaching for motivated athletes, supportive atmosphere and continual efforts to improve the level of services provided to members. -Martha O.


The swim clinic has been fantastic for me.  I have gone from averaging 1:54 per 100 yard repeats on Jan 20 to averaging about 1:47 last week.  I have not seen that much improvement in such a short period of time in the last 5 years.  Thanks for the detailed analysis, and looking forward to faster swim times in triathlons this year! -Janos M.