Breakaway Indoor Race League

Winter  Race League – November through March

Our winter Race League continues to be a favorite among cyclists and triathletes. Team races are an excellent way to change your usual routine, stay motivated over the dreary winter months, and work the fast twitch muscles. Teams of 4 riders will compete against each other in 10 exciting stages over a variety of different courses throughout the season. Drafting, requiring teamwork, is allowed in most stages making the series more strategic and fun. League Races will take place every other Friday evening beginning in November.



BREAKAWAY Team Race League
Join Us for a Season of Fun Cycling Competition

When: Every Other Friday Night starting November 18, 2016
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: Breakaway Triathlon and Cycling  1000 Osgood Street,
North Andover, MA

FORMAT: 10 Stages of Exciting Time Trial Racing using 16 computrainers and 4 big screen TV’s

November 18
Stage 1: Team Time Trial on Lightly Rolling course- Drafting within teams only

December 2
Stage 2: Race on Flats-Open Drafting

December 16
Stage 3: Individual Time Trial on Rolling Course- No drafting

December 30
Stage 4: Team Time Trial- Entering the mountains Hills, 2 major climbs and descents
Drafting within teams only

January 13
Stage 5: Team Race – Short Climbs-Open Drafting

January 27
Stage 6: Team Time Trial – Fast and flat and slight descent finishing with a climb-Drafting within teams only

February 10
Stage 7 Team Time Trial – Last team time trial in the mountains-Drafting within teams only

February 24
Stage 8: Individual Time Trials – Descent back to the city-No Drafting

March 10
Stage 9: Team Time Trial – Flat team effort with one climb in the middle-Drafting within teams only

March 24
Stage 10: The final race to the city, gently rolling hills -Open drafting

Teams must have a minimum of 4 members, but may contain up to 8 to allow for substitutes throughout the season. (4 will participate in each race)

Register your team now.
$600/team if paid by November 20.
$70/team if paid per race

Don’t have a team? Register as an individual & we will put you on a team.
$150/individual for 10 weeks if paid by November 20
$20/individual if paid per race. (No guaranteed drop in space)

Team Time Trials with Drafting will be based on 3rd rider finish time.
Individual Time trials will be based on the average of all team members*.
*Min. of 3 riders must finish